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Skin infections can be caused by wide variety of pathogens like bacteria, fungi(ringworm), viruses, and other parasites. Infections’ common signs vary according the the type but most commonly can present as red itchy rashes, flaking, crusting, and in severe cases blisters with pain and swelling Itching, pain, or a burning sensation may also accompany these infections.

Skinsure clinic, led by expert skin specialists in Pune, offers specialized infection treatment, providing relief and restoring skin health. Our dermatologists tailor solutions to specific needs, making Skinsure the top choice for comprehensive care.

Our Methodology:

The Assessment Stage

At Skinsure, we conduct a meticulous analysis to diagnose skin infections whether fungal, bacterial, viral, or infestation cases. This thorough examination aims to identify the specific infection type, ensuring an accurate diagnosis for precise and effective treatment tailored to individual needs.

The Initialisation Stage

We at Skinsure conduct a detailed analysis of the infection type, including its severity and specific characteristics. We aslo look for any underlying predesposing factors like diabetes, obesity, immunosuppressed status etc.They then formulate a tailored treatment plan, employing precise strategies to address the identified cause. This step ensures a targeted approach for effective and accurate treatment while considering the unique aspects of each skin infection.

The Treatment Stage

Our dermatologists create a detailed plan for specific therapies to combat the identified cause. Beyond treating the infection, the aim is to prevent future issues, ensuring your skin stays healthy in the long run.


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    A viral skin infection is a condition caused by the invasion of the skin by a virus, leading to various symptoms such as rashes, blisters, or lesions. It spreads through direct contact or exposure to contaminated surfaces. Seeking medical advice is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment.
    Skin infections include bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic, and yeast infections; SkinSure's dermatologists identify and treat each type with precision.
    Fungal skin infections are treated with antifungal medications; SkinSure tailors interventions based on the specific fungus and affected area for effective results.
    Common symptoms of skin infections include redness, swelling, warmth, pain, and the presence of pus or other discharge. Consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis.

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