Obesity and Skin


obesity and skin treatment in pune

Obesity is a condition characterized by excessive body fat accumulation, impacting overall health. Skin issues associated with obesity include stretch marks, infections, and increased susceptibility to certain dermatological conditions. Signs may include skin folds rashes, compromised skin integrity, associated hormonal changes like PCOS, acanthosis nigricans, skin tags, stretch marks etc.

Skinsure clinic in Pune specializes in holistic obesity and associated skin issues, with the best dermatologists in Pune leading the way. Our expert dermatologists tailor solutions to address unique challenges and meet specific needs, making Skinsure clinic the top choice for comprehensive care.

Our Methodology:

The Assessment Stage

We at Skin sure study your lifestyle, underlying issues be it PCOS, thyroid disorders or such medical issues, the impact of obesity on the skin. Precise evaluation guides us to tailor an individualized approach for effective treatment.

The Initialisation Stage

We meticulously design a personalized plan addressing obesity as well as related skin concerns. This involves multimodal approach with a nutritionist, counsellors and our dermatologists, formulating strategies to help fat loss and as well as combat skin or other related issues.

The Treatment Stage

Our focus is on executing the personalized plan, incorporating interventions like skincare routines, medical treatments, and lifestyle adjustments. The aim is not just to treat skin issues associated with obesity but also to foster lasting skin health for our patients.


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    Obesity affects all organs including the skin. It can predispose one to skin infections, acanthosis nigricans, stretch marks, skin tags and other hormonal effects too. Combat obesity-related skin issues with the Best Dermatologist in Pune at SkinSure Clinic. Our Skin Clinic in Pune offers tailored solutions for stretch marks, acanthosis nigricans, and increased infection susceptibility.
    Obesity alters face shape through fat redistribution. SkinSure, the Best Dermatologist in Pune, provides fat loss, body contouring and skin-tightening solutions for enhanced facial contours.
    SkinSure, the Best Dermatologist in Pune, offers personalized options for skin tightening after weight loss through non-surgical procedures like ultrasound tightening or laser treatments. Trusted solutions at the top Skin Clinic in Pune.
    Obesity-related issues like cardiovascular issues, diabetes, joint problems, and sleep apnea, and can impact the skin too. SkinSure, the Best Dermatologist in Pune, offers holistic care, addressing skin concerns associated with obesity at our premier Skin Clinic in Pune.

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