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skin growths treatment in pune

Skin growth refers to the development of abnormal masses on the skin, often manifesting as lumps or bumps. Signs include an unexplained change in skin texture, the appearance of new, raised lesions, or irregularities in existing moles. Symptoms may involve tenderness and itching.

Skinsure clinic in Pune specializes in comprehensive treatment for diverse skin growths, with expert dermatologists tailoring solutions to unique challenges and specific needs.

Our Methodology:

The Assessment Stage

Meticulously examines the growth’s characteristics, considering size, color, and borders. We analyze your medical history and conduct relevant tests to unveil the root causes, ensuring a precise diagnosis.

The Initialisation Stage

We craft a personalized plan based on the assessment findings. This involves selecting the most suitable treatment methods, factoring in the growth’s nature and your skin type. Our goal is to prepare the groundwork for effective and targeted intervention.

The Treatment Stage

Our approach is specific and results-oriented. Whether through topical treatments, medical procedures, or surgical interventions, we deploy methods tailored to your unique skin growth. This stage aims not just at removal but ensuring lasting results with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissue.


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    Different types of skin growth include moles, skin tags, warts, cysts, and keratosis. If you have concerns about any skin growth, seek expert advice at SkinSure, where our Best Dermatologists in Pune specialize in comprehensive skin treatment.
    The development of skin growths can be attributed to various factors, including genetics, sun exposure, viral infections, or underlying medical conditions. The specific cause may vary based on individual circumstances
    Extra skin growth or skin tags can be due to factors like obesity, diabetes, aging, hormonal changes, or genetic predisposition.
    Getting rid of skin growth may involve procedures such as excision, cryotherapy, laser therapy, or radiofrequecy ablation, depending on the type of growth and its characteristics.

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