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keloid treatment in pune

At SkinSure Clinic, our Keloid treatment is a specialized approach to address overgrown scars. This procedure involves injecting corticosteroids directly into the keloid, reducing inflammation and promoting flattening. Before treatment, a comprehensive assessment is conducted to determine the optimal injection sites and dosage. The injections may be repeated over several sessions, tailored to individual responses.
Our Methodology:

The Assessment Stage

During the assessment stage, our dermatologist evaluates the keloid and develops a personalized treatment plan. This includes identifying the size, location, and response of the keloid to previous treatments.

The Initialisation Stage

Once the assessment is complete, the skin is cleansed, and local anesthesia may be applied to minimize discomfort. The corticosteroid injection is then administered directly into the keloid.

The Treatment Stage

The treatment stage involves injecting corticosteroids into the keloid, targeting inflammation and promoting flattening. The injections are repeated over several sessions, with the goal of minimizing the appearance of keloids and providing patients with smoother and more even skin. Trust SkinSure Clinic for personalized and effective Keloid treatment in Pune.


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    The latest treatment for keloids includes various options such as laser therapy, cryotherapy, silicone gel sheets, corticosteroid injections, and surgical removal combined with other treatments to prevent recurrence.
    Keloid treatment involves various methods to reduce the size and appearance of keloid scars, including corticosteroid injections, cryotherapy, laser therapy, surgical removal, and pressure dressings.
    There is no single fastest treatment for keloids, as the effectiveness of treatment can vary depending on the individual. However, corticosteroid injections and laser therapy are often considered relatively fast-acting treatments for keloids.
    Yes, dermatologists can remove keloids using various methods, including surgical excision, corticosteroid injections, cryotherapy, and laser therapy. However, keloids have a tendency to recur, so additional treatments may be needed to prevent recurrence.

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